Tyre Repair

East Devon Tyres Ltd ImageDriving with a puncture in your tyre to the point where there is almost no pressure is not just unsafe for you and fellow drivers on the road but can also damge the wheel the longer that it is driven on.

The rubber on the tyre will provide some protection over a short distance but it won't last and the rubber will start to break away.

When repairing a tyre our techncians firstly need to assess the damage to see whether it is safe to repair or requires as replacement. These are few factors that we consider before repairing a tyre:

  • Previous repairs to tyre
  • A tread depth below the legal limit of 1.6mm across the tyres circumference
  • Worn out or deteriorated rubber
  • Where has the damage occured, tyres can only be repaired in the central 3/4 of the tyre

Run-flat tyres are manufactured with reinforced sidewalls meaning that they can be driven on (for up to 50 miles)  after getting a puncture allowing you to safely reach a tyre fitter. Unfortunately all run-flat tyres are unrepareable and must be replaced.East Devon Tyres Ltd Image

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